Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training week two is nearly complete and meal plan

Saturday I completed my 'long' run for the week.  I have to say that after an actual day of rest, I felt awesome and had a really good run.  Stats:

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 45:40
Avg HR: 150
Max HR: 169

So I shaved about 2 minutes off last week's time.  I'll take it!  The three mile runs are getting quite a bit easier at this point.  I have been having a little bit of knee pain lately but nothing too bad.  If it gets any worse I'll consider doing something about it, but for now the plan is to just deal with it.

I've been a little discouraged this week because my weight seems to be creeping up.  I know I'm lifting weights, I know I'm running, I know I'm probably building some muscle, but I also think I've been eating a little too much.  Since Friday I've been trying to eat primarily raw veggies because I think it's easier to avoid overeating that way.

For instance, I can easily put down 12 oz of broccoli if I roast it, because it loses almost half it's volume in water in the oven!  But, 12 oz of raw broccoli?  Uh, no way.  That's an entire dinner plate heaped with broccoli!  The same with cauliflower... I could put down an entire head of roasted curried cauli, but there's no way I could eat a whole head of raw stuff.  And of course, those veggies need a healthy dollop of coconut oil to be properly roasted. I'm not afraid of fat by any means but it's easy to consume too much food with (the oh, so delicious) roasted veggies.

So this week I'm going to stick mostly with salads.  I am trying out a new dressing and it sounds promising.  If it passes the taste test tonight I'll post the recipe!

This week's menu plan:

Roast chicken

Broccoli slaw

Flank steak
Garlic green beans

Carrots and Broccoli slaw

Apricot sage pork chops with red cabbage and fennel
Garlic Green beans

Pork Roast

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