Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shoes and pre-pre-training week run

Hallelujah, I have new shoes!

I've needed some new running shoes for awhile now.  I started in these... two seasons old trail shoes:

Then, out of necessity (the New Balance's best days had long passed) I ran in my Pumas, which I had been using for CrossFit:

In general, I've found most Pumas to be very narrow and these are no exception.  I definitely do not have a narrow foot, so I always felt like my heel was sliding off the sole when I ran.  They work pretty well for CrossFit and lifting, but they are not a distance running shoe.

Today I bought these, the Nike Free Run +:

And I absolutely LOVE them.  The uppers fit like a comfy glove, the heel is just wide enough to feel stable, but not too wide, and there is just enough arch support, but not too much.  I took them on a 3 mile run this afternoon on the treadmill and from what I can tell, they are going to be a great pair of shoes.  I was going back and forth between these and the Free 3.0 v2, but I could only find them online and really wanted to see them in person before I made a decision.  My local sporting goods store had these in stock and they were $10 off, so I was pretty excited!

I struggled a little on this afternoon's run.  Miles 1 and 2 were okay, I kept about a 12 minute per mile pace, heart rate around 150 bpm.  Mile 3 was tough and I walked for a couple minutes.  I have had hip pain in the past from running and backpacking and it already hurt a little when I hit the gym today.  I saw a chiropractor a couple years ago who said my left leg is 3 mm shorter than my right (my guess is this happened when I fractured my pelvis 12 years ago) and he suggested I wear a small lift.  I lost it, but it may be time to get a replacement.

Today's approximate stats are...

Distance: 3.2 miles
Avg HR: 134
Max HR: 174
Time: 45 mins

I forgot to stop my HR monitor until I got home, so the time is a little inaccurate.

Unofficial plans for the upcoming week are to run twice, 3 miles each time, and two full body weights sessions.

On the nutrition front, I decided to come off my freaky diet early, and I've been eating clean paleo since I made that decision last Thursday.  It was very difficult to maintain something so strict, mentally and physically.  I know I made the right decision and haven't had any issues with overeating or cravings.  I'm still considering doing the Whole30, and our house is ramping up for a full month of clean eating starting February 20th.  I'm sure I'll be posting recipes, and look in the sidebar for a link to photos of what I'm eating and cooking!

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