Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 mile run is in the bag!

I just got back from my first 'long' run.  Stats:

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 48:09
Avg HR: 151
Max HR: 165

I have to say that my body feels pretty wiped out from everything I've done this week.  The training weeks technically run Monday through Sunday, so I still have one training day left this week.  Depending on how I feel tomorrow I might move that weights session to Monday. 

My husband and I went skiing yesterday.  It was my first time!  I had a great instructor and I only fell twice.  I didn't think much of it because I stuck to the bunny hill, but my husband says that's exceptional for a first time trip. 

The instructor asked me if I played any sports, and after a moment I replied, "I lift weights and I run".  It was such a foreign experience to be able to say that because for almost all of my life I've been inactive.  And when he asked me halfway through if I was tired, I was so proud to be able to reply, "nope!  I'm good to go!" and actually mean it.  Fitness is awesome!

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