Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 1 of Wendler 5/3/1 and some randomness

First day of lifting for this strength cycle, done.

Today's strength workout:
3x5 press  35, 40, 45#
3x5 deadlift  80, 90, 100#
20 pull ups, 60 push ups, 60 walking lunges, 60 abmat situps

We had a class at our church tonight scheduled for 6:30p, so I had planned to rush home, do my workout, and get dinner on the table before we headed out.  Well, it seemed like everything was conspiring against me today.  On the way to work this morning I ran out of washer fluid not even half way there, and there had been deicer sprayed on the roads so my windshield was sticky, which meant I had to go pick up a bottle of washer fluid before heading home.  Then, while I was at work we got several inches of snow, or so it appeared.  I work about 20 miles from home, and in between home and work there is what I like to call the Bermuda Triangle of weather.  At home, we got between 8" and 10", and the roads were (are!) covered in a sheet of ice, and there were multiple slide-offs on the freeway.

So, traffic was a mess and the roads were dangerous.  I finally made it home, quickly changed, and went into the uninsulated garage in about 20 degree weather to lift freezing cold metal things.  I was able to finish my workout in about a half hour, then went to prepare dinner.  In the middle of my preparations, and running later than I'd planned I got a call saying that our class was cancelled.  Thank God.  After that we were able to have a leisurely dinner and relax a bit.

That was a really long explanation, basically just to say that I was stressed and crunched for time, but still managed to get my workout in.  Whew!  I can't wait for the snow to go away!

Other than complaining about the weather, here's some of what I ate today.

b: chicken breast, broccoli slaw sauteed in coconut oil,
blueberries, and 1/2 an avocado.
l: chicken breast, roasted curried cauliflower and
carrots in coconut oil

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