Thursday, April 21, 2011

Intuitive eating experiment - FAIL! And sugar IS poison

Well, by the end of day one of my intuitive eating week, I failed and logged my food.  I think I've been doing it for so long by now it's just become habit.  It's sick.  Not sure where I will go next with this, but it's not a huge concern at the moment, just another time waster.

Annndd.... Yesterday and today I ate a few squares of 88% dark chocolate.  Today, binge-o-rama.   I demolished half a jar of sunflower butter and completely screwed my calorie deficit for the day (and then some!)  Obviously my body is unable to handle added sugar of any kind because when I have it, it triggers insane cravings.  I seem to do fine with dark chocolate before a run, and I actually find it to be pretty good fuel, but if it's not immediately before a workout then forget it.  Like Dr. Lustig says, sugar is poison

In other, less food related news running is going really well.  I struggled a little with hydration and fueling last week on my 7 mile run, but I'm going to pick up a hydration pack and make sure to get that straightened out before I run that far outside again.  My body is feeling good and I'm actually enjoying my runs most of the time.  When I get my recent stats loaded up I'll post them!

Finally... I acheived a bodyweight deadlift yesterday, woohoo!

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