Saturday, May 14, 2011

Running update

Last Saturday I completed my 9 mile long run.  I felt really good when I was finished and my body seemed to recover from the effort really well.  I wasn't even sore the following day.  Last week's stats:

Tuesday 5/3  5.42 miles
Time: 1:08:28
Avg HR: 139
Max HR: 159

Thursday 5/5  5.38 miles
Time: 1:10:44
Avg HR: 139
Max HR: 157

Saturday 5/7 9.5 miles
Time: 1:53:53
Avg HR: 141
Max HR: 157

Something happened this week, though.  I was feeling pretty great Tuesday before and during my 5 mile run, but when I got home I got sick to my stomach and very achy.  Thursday's run was tough and I probably should've cut it short.  I did an 'easy' 5 miles of sprint, walk, run intervals and was able to complete the 5 miles.  My recovery from Tuesday's and Thursday's runs has been difficult, so last night I went to bed early and got a couple extra hours of sleep and skipped today's planned 10 miles.

I think, honestly, I'm riding the edge of being overtrained.  I've had some hyper-cortisol symptoms this week, some difficulty sleeping, and some stress going on here at home.  I've also been dealing with some inflammatory symptoms -- connective tissue pain, inflamed gums and other things.  Even though it was difficult mentally to not complete my planned training today, I know I'm doing the right thing for my body.

This training process has really shown me that I have the mental toughness to set a big goal and follow through with it.  It's shown me that I'm able to affect change in my body.  I've developed a love for running and made it a part of my life.

I have never been under the impression that chronic cardio is health promoting, but training for the half has really brought that fact home for me.  Between my last couple (rather stressful) months at CrossFit and this near-overtraining experience I'm beginning to recognize the ways in which I need to guard my health and wellbeing when I'm trying to... improve my health and wellbeing!

So, as I said above, I've developed a love for running but I will be so glad to be done with training for this race!  I've got a few plans I'm considering as 'the next big thing' but nothing's set in stone yet.  Possibilities?  Taking a couple months to focus on leaning out, or maybe just enjoy hiking and backpacking this summer and looking forward to starting CrossFit in the fall... though, that's a topic all on it's own.

Back to the present.  One big training week left and then taper week!  Hopefully I can rest up enough over the next couple days to be able to hit it hard (and smart) next week.

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