Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meat massacre and first two days of training

First two scheduled workouts down, many more to go!  Yesterday's mission was to find my 1 rep max for bench press, overhead press and back squat.  I ended up at 60, 55, and 95 respectively.  Then I did a quick 3 rounds of bodyweight stuff: 20 squats, 15 kb swings with 25#, 10 lunges with 10# and 5 assisted pullups.

Tonight was a 3 mile run.  Stats are as follows:

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 35:50
Avg HR: 154
Max HR: 171

Not too bad for a quick 5k.  Definitely an improvement over my first attempts at 3 miles.  And, even though I find the running boring, it's getting easier.  (Per the display on the treadmill) I was able to increase my pace comfortably, and I've noticed my HR is decreasing a little bit, too. 
After I got back from my run today I had a decent sized banana.  On Saturday I made the mistake of having some banana and water before my 3.5 mile run, and I found that I got a little heart-burny so I don't think I'll be doing banana before a run again.  Also, banana seems to be fine after longer runs, but my time is decreasing on these 3 mile runs and since my HR is right around 155-160 most of the time, I don't think I'm burning enough glucose to really need a banana afterwards.  I felt pretty darn good fuel-wise today in comparison to the first couple runs... I am pretty sure I basically bonked on the first run.  Lately I've felt comfortable at the level of carbohydrate intake I'm at.  Perhaps I'll save the sugary fruits for the longer weekend runs and stick to sweet potatoes after the shorter ones.
And now... the meat massacre!

Blood spray from tenderizing the meat!

Monday's lunch and breakfast: leftover salsa chicken on
zucchini, squash and onions.  Eggs and broccoli slaw,
avocado and blueberries.

I kind of messed up my Whole30 yesterday by marinating the meat in tamari.  I could've done without it, but I was trying to impress my husband (and he was definitely impressed with the flank steak)... so, not exactly sure where I'm going to go with that.  I'll have to consider it tomorrow and decide what I'm going to do!

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